Thatcher Middle School Grades 7-8

1130 N Fourth Ave.

Phone: 928-348-7260

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Jessica Medlin


Jessica Medlin - Principal


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Cell phones: Cell phones are not to be seen or heard during school hours. All student cell phones should remain in backpacks while at school. There is a phone in the office for students to call home. If a parent has a message for a student please contact the office. 

1st offense: warning with points - see discipline chart 

2nd offense: phone confiscated and returned end of day - parent contact

3rd offense: phone confiscated parent must pick up - with behavioral plan in place.

Any incidents after will be considered insubordination. 

*Students who participate in after school events and need to contact for rides after activities can use cell phones for contact. 

Checking students out for lunch and appointments:

All students who are leaving campus for any reason must be checked out through the office. Students will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than their own parents or guardians. A parent or guardian must physically sign the student out. If a student lives within the walking zone, the student must have a form on file and the student must sign in and out through the office.

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