Registration Information for the 2023-2024 School Year

Parents and Students of 2023-24 Thatcher Middle School Students: 

Annual Registration and information verification for the 23-24 School Year will open in July, exact date is still to be determined.

All incoming 7th graders will take six (6) preassigned courses and one (1) elective class. Choosing an elective during the pre-registration process does not guarantee they will be assigned to this course. Pre-registration for classes will be done at the end of last school year.

Our 8th grade students will be excited to be one year closer to heading on to high school. All incoming 8th graders will take five (5) pre-assigned courses and two (2) elective classes. As stated before, choosing an elective during the pre-registration process does not guarantee they will be assigned to this course. 

There are always changes each year to a few classes and handbook rules so all parents and students will need to watch for those changes in the next several months. 

Timeline of Events

  • Spring 2022 - Pre-Registration begins, Elective course selection ONLY! 
  • JULY 2023 (exact date TBD) - New Student Registration & Returning Students Verification Opens.
  • TBD - Finalize registration, pay fees, etc
  • AUGUST 9th, 2023 - School Starts!

Pre-Registration/Registration Instructions

All course requests and registrations are done through ParentVue/StudentVue accounts. See Timeline for exact dates.

Returning students, begin at step #1.

New students, when the systems opens in July, begin at step #2. Use the links on the right to create your ParentVue account to use the online registration program.

  1. Pre-Register: Log into ParentVue or StudentVue, then click on Course Requests tab and pre-register by selecting the elective classes of your choice. 7th grade will choose one elective and 2 alternates. 8th grade will choose 2 electives and 2 alternates. Pre-registration (Course selection only) will close on TBA.

    1. Google Classroom:(Returning Students only) If not already signed up, your student will need to join the correct Google Classroom using the class code below. The codes below will only work with accounts issued through Thatcher Schools so please make sure the student is logged in with their school account and not someone else's personal email account. Instructions for students who need help with Google Classroom can be found by. There is a video and other information to help with this process.

      1. 8th grade class of 2027 Google Classroom Code:

      2. 7th grade class of 2028 Google Classroom Code:

  2. Begin Registration Process: In July (exact date TBD), our Online Registration/Verification system will open for the 2023-2024 school year. All registrations must be done online. If you need assistance, please email to make an appointment to come by the office.

    1. New Students- Parents of new students can register their student(s) and upload or bring to the office, all the necessary paperwork. Use the correct link on the right to create an account or gain access back to your account. Once all required documents have been received, a schedule will be created for the new student and made available the same time schedules are released for returning students (see #5).

    2. Returning students- Parents must log into the Online Registration/Verification system to verify their and their student(s) contact and personal information, as well as update us with any health changes, emergency contacts, email addresses, etc.

  3. Check your Schedule:You will be notified in early August when you or your student will be able to log back into StudentVue/ParentVue and see their actual schedule.

  4. New Student Orientation: All incoming 7th graders and new students, along with their parent/guardian, will need to attend an orientation which will include information for ParentVue, school calendar, RE Friday, handbook items, lunch: off campus sites, procedures for check out, ACCI Intervention, etc. This date is TBA, so please watch for an email later this summer on this event. 

  5. Finalize Registration:A few days before school begins we will finalize registration. Fees will be collected and any other paperwork that needs collected will be signed and taken care of at this time. Fees could include: elective class fee, yearbook, planner, activity card, 8th grade promotion t-shirt, etc. 

  6. Sports Teams: If your child plans on trying out for a sports team, they must have a current physical and medical release papers signed and on file in the office to be eligible to physically participate in tryouts or practice. Sports fees will not be charged until your child has made it on the team roster. Click here to access FINAL FORMS which is our online program to sign-up and submit extra-curricular paperwork

  7. Other Extracurricular: There are other clubs and activities available during the school year. These could include: Robotics, Knowledge Bowl, NJHS, chess club, book club, yoyo club, etc. Click here to access FINAL FORMS which is our online program to sign-up and submit extra-curricular paperwork

School Starts Wednesday, August 9th, 2023!!


If you are a brand NEW FAMILY to our district, meaning you have NEVER had a child in our school district before, you will need to create a new account using this link.

Once you click on the link, click on the grey bar below the login button that says, “Click here if you do not have an account, need to activate your account. or have forgotten your password”(see picture below) and then click on Create a New Account and follow the prompts. Once your account is created, use the Online Registration/Verification link to start the registration process.


If your student is returning or you have had ANY student in our school district at anytime over the past 10 years (does not have to be the student you are registering now), then you are considered a RETURNING FAMILY* and should use this link to access your ParentVue account.


If as a returning family, you do not know your ParentVue account information or have never set one up, please follow the steps below:

  • Try using the forgot password link. If you have access to the email address that is on file in our system, you will be emailed your account information.


  • If the forgot password link does not work for you or you have never set up an account, please contact the office of where your child will be attending or the District Office.

Please DO NOT create a new account if you have had a student in our school district before as this will only delay the registration process as it will create a duplicate parent/student record.