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Parents - Are You Aware?
Parents - we would ask that when you send a note with your bus-riding child to go someplace different than their stop, that you make them aware that they need to take the note to the office of their school and get a bus pass from the secretary. This way, the secretary is aware that they are going somewhere different and we know that the school is "in the know" about this child. Also - if your child doesn't ride a bus normally, the same procedure needs to be followed if he or she needs to ride a bus.

Bus Rules

Riding the bus is a privilege. Students who are riding the bus must conduct themselves properly on the bus. We are concerned about the safety and well-being of all students who ride the bus. Bus drivers will warn the students when they misbehave. If further problems occur the driver will fill out an Incident Report on the student. If this problem is not corrected the privilege of riding the bus will be suspended and the parent will be responsible for the transportation of the student to and from school.