Information regarding Lunch prices 22-23

Lunch Prices

From Superintendent Matt Petersen:


With the start of a new school year, change is always in the air. The last two years, through the federal government, students were able to eat free of cost in the school cafeteria for lunch and breakfast. Starting this school year, cafeteria costs to students lunches and breakfast will return to a fee being charged. Please take time to fill out the free and reduced lunch application on the school website.

Meal Prices for the 22/23 School Year:


PAID Breakfast- $1.75 per student

PAID Lunch- $2.75 per student


REDUCED Breakfast- .30 cents

REDUCED Lunch- .40 cents


The price for and additional milk will remain .30 cents

Click below to download and print the Free & Reduced Meals Application 22-23